Wedding Day dances

Edwards Dance Studio can create your First Dance for your special day, whether you want to learn a specific dance or you have a piece of music that you wish to use. We can advise what dance styles will fit your music & choreograph a routine for your big day.

• Choose your favourite piece of music, which you both like, and have it available to bring with you to the studio when you come for your lessons.

• Obtain the size of the 'dance area' you will have available on the day, so we can mark out your floor for practice.

• Bring along with you either the shoes that you are going to dance in on the day or something with a similar sole & heel height.

• Advise your teacher (not in earshot of your other half) the details of your outfit, as this may restrict the dance styles that are available to you.

• It's always a good idea to start learning for your wedding dance earlier rather than later as there is so much to plan running upto your big day.

Wedding dances are taught through private lessons and the number of lessons needed is specific to the couple. We currently have an offer available, which is six lessons for the price of five. If you would like any further information please call either; Frank, Christine or Charlotte or and let us help you prepare for your big day!